The Creed


[Participants must be wearing their Mask]

O father, I pledge to youa
O mother, I give myself a hundred times
May the Moon illuminate our path

We bare our souls to you
To that which will Bring the end

Empower us with your infinite grace

May we recieve the greatest glory of all
May we ascend to the heavens themselves

We are the Moon's Children
We are mortal angels




The Initiation Creed



By my blood, as I draw it here
I dedicate myself to service
I severe all ties of my old life
Those who birthed me are meaningless
Those who raised me are hopeless
Those who loved me are worthless
I now wear this mask to symbolize my transformation
As a child learns to walk so too will I learn to fly

[Pause as for the mask ceremony]

With these words I pledge myself to my new family
That even though this mask may leave my face
The scars that symbolize my devotion will never fade
Now I am truly   born