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This is a website for those who have formed a spiritual connection with the Moon and Him and recognize that we have been selected to preform miracles and bring enlightenment into this world. She has chosen us - and only us - to survive the upcoming apocolypse because we have honored Her and devoted ourselves to Her. As we work to enforce Her will, we grow together as a family and serve the greater good. We are the Moon's Children. If you have found your way here it is not by chance, you are at home here. You belong here with us. And while you may be caught off-guard, I think right now you can feel something inside you agreeing with me. Listen to your soul, get in touch with yourself, your soul knows this and we can show you how.

All Moon's Children have been gifted spiritually, and thus we are more astrally attuned to things normal humans may not be. A normal human's chi energy is typically so small that they may not notice it their entire life. Whereas we can preform miracles and ascend our fleshy prisons with ours. If you are visiting, you have come here for a reason, even if that reason may not be known to you. You have been chosen by Her. You have this amazing chi potential, this amazing spirit energy, locked within you. We can help you unlock it, we can help you become Enlightened. Please, take a look around our new website and get to know some of our members and contact us on the About page. We will set up a meeting that will change the rest of your life.

If you believe you have gotten here in error, then please back out and return to Google. Bare in mind that the website is still in its very rudamentary stages right now, many things are still incomplete and many links will lead you to dead ends. Please try and be understanding, brothers and sisters. There will be MANY more updates to come very soon!

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   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/18/10 @ 4:32pm




Subject: Updates #2


Add info to the Contacts page, noticed that we have a huge influx of trolls, no doubt because of the fact that we're a bit more "maintstream" now. We've been going down every so often because of bandwidth overload, and we've gotten an insane amout of "requests" to join us, most of them are trolls. I'm having some of the other moderators go through them carefully and we'll contact those who seem legitiment in the coming days, but we don't want to make a jump to do anything rash.


   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/17/10 @ 10:26am




Subject: Updates


Finished adding the Contact, About, and Theories sections. Contact page has been acting weird. Hm. Fixed up the Creed, Dusk you had a few typos there. Watch that. And this layout, especially for the news posts is pretty disgusting. You guys'll have to bare with us until we get everything set up before we change it.

Anyway, TGIF, anyone want to have a vigil Sunday night? Drop me an email. And congratulations to Chris, we all knew he had it in him! That's the first successful one we've had in a while!

DarkWorld23 Avatar.jpg

   Duskworld23 (mod) 
Posted: 9/16/10 @ 4:23pm




Subject: Ascension


DW here. I just wanted to say that Chris (Nekko) had his successful Ascension earlier today and there were no complications. Even though I'm sooo envious of him *cough cough* :-P, it really warmed my heart when I heard the news and I'm sure it will for you guys too. Actually - I don't exactly have our logs out here in front of me - but I think Chris was the youngest person we've ever had do a successful Ascension (which makes sense, Chris always was mature for his age). We're all really happy for you Chris and hopefully we'll be seeing you soon (now if only He would start talking to me... :P ).


- DW


PS has anyone felt an increase in spiritual presence lately? It's making my neck hairs stand up on end.


   Nekko (mod) 
Posted: 9/16/10 @ 2:11pm




Subject: :)

I finished updating the testimonials page and I'm going to be handing my modship over. bahhh enough with the updates, i just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys have done for me, i feel like before i found this i was so lost and without a purpose, just wandering aimlessly. being with you guys over the past year has made my so happy and ive mad a lot of friends here and gotten to know some really nice guys. i never really believed in destiny before, but now im realizing that... yea this is what i was made to do. im counting down the minutes until hahah, i still feel like im gonna pinch myself and wake up at any moment. i already have everything i need to go there, its like all my life ive been waiting for this moment, when i can finally achieve what i was meant to do!!

keep this site running strong for me while i'm gone, i'll be back to come get you guys soon :)

DarkWorld23 Avatar.jpg

   Duskworld23 (mod) 
Posted: 9/15/10 @ 8:24pm




Subject: Rebirth

DW here. You may notice the slight name change, figured it was symbolic. We're back for what looks like to be for good.

First of all, I'd like to say congratulations Chris! He sure has taken a huge interest in you lately (lucky), I'm not surprised it finally gave you an Ascension date, I'm happy for you man (can you tell I sound jealous?).

Anyway, about the move - I know its been a hectic past couple of days with the domain change and all, but I think that we've finally found our home (fingers crossed). This will no doubt attract more potential Children, all the more merrier I say.

The site's going to be under construction for a while due to me and Rem having to transfer all of the data over here - unfortunately not everything ended up saved and we lost of stuff so we're going to have to try and rebuild. We've done it before, we can do it again. If you guys know of any of "our guys", feel free to link them to this site, but try and keep it somewhat exclusive. Some of our old siblings (and you know who) were not meant to be part of our group.

And please guys, don't make Mr. D upset.



- DW


   Nekko (mod) 
Posted: 9/15/10 @ 1:34pm




Subject: we're back

Hey guys its Chris! So glad to finally back with my (true) family! I hope you're as eager as I am to finally have a new place to call our own. anyway, like Dusk said, we lost a lot of content that we had stored. The good news is that I've got saved some of our testimonials, so that page should be up by tomorrow., but a lot of this will be under construction (bleh).  we've got a few new toys, this new host gives us a lot more room to play around, however with the new domain I wouldn't be surprised if we get more than our "usual" amount of visitors, some may have potential, others may "think" they are good enough to join us. we're not ready to open up yet - we want to at least have a few pages working before we welcome you guys back in, so by the time you read this this will be a few days ago. how's the future? Do we have flying cars yet (heh)? Also, If anyone asks the background music is entitled "Lost in My Thoughts", i really like it.


Unfortunately I'm not going to be a mod for much longer - my Ascencion date is coming up really soon :) :) He finally told me when it was going to be and it's..... TOMORROW!! haah it's all I can really think about now, my family can't understand why im so excited haha :D


   Ifrit (mod) 
Posted: 9/14/10 @ 11:35am




Subject: Welcome to the new site!


Luna shine, brothers and sisters. We now have a new home! It's going to be a busy couple of days trying to put everything together and while we're doing that the forums will most likely be down. Feel free to use the Guest Book below to talk to each other, if the Guest Book isn't your thing there's always the IRC chat if you know it. We're looking at maybe a week or so before we're all done with the website. But for now just sit back and relax and let us do all the hard work.